Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Worthy Wednesday

Continuing along the same vein of daily titular alliteration, today was a Wednesday worthy of the moniker "Hump Day". Wednesday, that day which symbolizes "the day of maximum hope that maybe, you might make it out of this week alive" (Urban Dictionary). The German word for Wednesday---Mittwoch---says it all: "mid-week"; and that notion of "middle" can mean only one thing---that the end is only around the corner.

So today was one of those mid-week days, not overly busy, but busy enough that the sweetness of the coming three-day weekend can be tasted on the tongue like a long anticipated and justifiable dessert.

This week has seen its share of difficulty and strife: a patient reporting that he is the victim of domestic violence; a patient's granddaughter in state custody due to an unstable mother and substandard home environment; illnesses and losses of varying levels of seriousness and magnitude.

As Thursday and Friday rise on the horizon, I realize that relief and rest are around the corner. Does everyone get the rest they deserve? Sadly, no. Are some lives simply rife with trauma, rarely seeing a glimpse of relief? Unfortunately. But for the working person, that golden glow of a weekend is just what the nurse ordered for rejuvenation of the mind and soul. Without that recovery time, the refractory period following the stressors of the week, this particular nurse would simply be yet another member of the "walking wounded", and my ability to serve anyone's greater good would be severely compromised. So, nose will be dutifully applied to proverbial grindstone for two more days, and then that nose will rest on the luxurious pillow of the holiday weekend before it resumes its grinding once more.
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