Thursday, June 21, 2007

Welcome Summer!

Today marks the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, and the signal that this portion of the earth is in full flower. Summer brings with it more time outdoors, more sun exposure (for better or worse), picnics, barbecues, vacations and skeleton crews in many workplaces, and an explosion of harvests as the growing season kicks into high gear.

For some, summer brings a melancholy feeling and memories of years past, or of lost childhoods. For others, memories of family vacations and days at the beach are the focus. For others still, the arrival of summer elicits nothing more than perhaps a passing acknowledgment that the weather is warmer and the kids are out of school. Vacations, time at the beach, and picnics with family and friends are luxuries not necessarily enjoyed by, or available to, everyone. For me, summer brings a sigh of relief that the winter is firmly behind us, while knowing full well that as the Solstice arrives, the days begin to shorten yet again. But my summer glass is certainly half full rather the half empty, and I am thankful for, and aware of, the relative privilege that allows me to fully enjoy what summer has to offer. It cannot be taken for granted.

So, happy summer to all. May the season bring you much joy, and fill your heart with the glow of the summer sun.
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