Sunday, June 03, 2007

If Only

If only those who spend their lives plotting crime, genocide, terrorism, economic ruin, personal greed, and technological mayhem would focus their attention on those in need, those weak with illness, those crying out for food, shelter and succor, perhaps the tide would turn much more quickly in this world.

If only all of those computer hackers slaving at their keyboards for hours would instead endeavor to discover how to cheaply provide computers and internet access to every school-age child in the world.

If only those who waged war would instead dedicate their lives to peaceful conflict resolution and mediation.

If only governments who terrorize and subjugate their citizenry opened themselves to the ideals of personal freedom, free expression, and true representative democracy.

If only the world's more than adequate food supply could be equally distributed amongst all of the people of the world.

If only the existing resources to protect the world's population from known infectious diseases was adequately distributed.

If only those who abuse and abandon children and animals would realize the error of their ways and see how we must protect the most vulnerable among us.

If only humans could all wake up one day and realize their oneness.

If only I could save my parents from their lives which have been overtaken by cancer.

If only I could be as effective in this world as I could be.

If only.
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