Monday, March 31, 2014

Five Days to Nursing Empowerment

Today is the day when the "Five Days to Nursing Empowerment Telesummit" hosted by Lorie Brown begins, and I encourage nurses everywhere to tune in for five days of inspiration from some of the leading voices in American nursing.

I'm thrilled to be one of tonight's featured speakers, and to be in the company of such nursing luminaries as Renee Thompson, Kevin Ross (my venerable co-host at RNFM Radio), Brittney Wilson, Jamie Davis, Elizabeth Scala, Donna Cardillo, Caroline Porter Thomas, and of course, Lorie Brown.

Lorie Brown says:
Are you frustrated in your nursing practice or maybe you love it but would like to enhance your career?  Either way, this telesummit is for you.  It will completely shift the way you think about your practice, your profession and maybe even your life.  In the Five Days To Nursing Empowerment,” I have assembled the top nine leaders in the nursing field who have graciously agreed to share their knowledge and experiences to empower you on various subjects that will greatly enhance your nursing practice.       
 You will learn:
  • Best success strategies to improve your nursing career
  • Tips on mindset for success and empowerment in your nursing practice
  • How to implement daily practices for success in your nursing career
  • Dealing with the stresses of nursing
  • How and where to network as a nurse
  • How to feel comfortable networking
  • Where to find support
  • Appropriate use of technology
  • And much, much more!!!!
 If you'd like to tune in live each day, here's the schedule:

Mindset for Success Monday, March 31st:  Renee Thompson @ 5:00pm (EST) and Keith Carlson @ 9:00pm (EST).

Technology Tuesday, April 1st:  Brittney Wilson @ 5:00pm (EST) and Jamie Davis @ 9:00pm (EST).

Wisdom Wednesday, April 2nd:  Elizabeth Scala @ 5:00pm (EST) and Caroline Porter Thomas @ 9:00pm (EST).

Thriving Thursday, April 3rd:  Donna Cardillo @ 5:00pm (EST) and Kevin Ross @ 9:00pm (EST).

Fresh Start Friday, April 4th:  Lorie Brown @ 5:00pm (EST)

The recordings will all be available to registrants,  so even if you can't listen live, you'll be able to glean much knowledge and inspiration from the speakers at your leisure. So, hop over to the telesummit website and register.

See you there!

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