Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Nursing Student in Taos

Sitting in a Middle Eastern cafe in Taos, New Mexico this afternoon, my wife and I were lucky to strike up a conversation with a young man with whom we were sharing a low table surrounded by comfy pillows.

In the course of our conversation, it turned out that he's pursuing a degree in nursing, and it's quite heartening to see a thoughtful young man of heart and intelligence planning to enter the field. Nursing still seems to be all the rage among young people seeking an honest and remunerative career, and when I meet someone like this, I'm pleased to feel that, yes, I would want this person at my bedside when I'm in the ER.

Even as some areas of the country are seeing hiring freezes and a dearth of jobs in comparison to the number of students being churned out by nursing schools, it seems that some states (like Florida and Texas) still enjoy a high number of positions waiting to be filled. Apparently, demand may actually outstrip supply in Texas in 2010.

There are so many good people entering the field of nursing, and I'm very pleased that the profession is attracting many mature, educated individuals who are bringing their life experience and knowledge to the fore. I know several extremely intelligent and kind people now in the throes of their nursing education, and I'm certain that they will bring great compassion and thoughtful regard to their work in the very near future.

May the continued flow of high quality nursing students continue for years to come as long as the demand for their service persists, a scenario made very likely by the aging of our society and the need of the retiring Baby Boom generation for medical care. Nurses are still the backbone of the medical industry, and a strong backbone it is.

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