Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Making a Difference in Haiti

Nurses and other health professionals from around the world have descended on Haiti to assist in the recovery effort following the recent earthquake. According to National Nurses United, a national nursing union based in California, more than 7,000 nurses have already volunteered to travel to Haiti, and more are signing up each day. These are impressive numbers, and there's no doubt that nurses are playing a major role in the Haitian effort. The California Nurses Association seems to be at the forefront of this undertaking, and it is incredibly heartening to see my chosen profession so well represented at such a crucial time of need.

For myself personally, I am deeply sorry to not be in a position in my life to travel to Haiti and pitch in as so many others are doing. Timing and personal circumstances are important, and I regret not being able to go. Taking part could be a life-changing experience, and I hope the best for the nurses who are going to Haiti.

When Katrina hit Mississippi and Louisiana several years ago, I was also not able to go to the Gulf personally, and instead took part in fundraisers and other events back in Massachusetts. Similarly for Haiti, I am raising funds for Partners in Health, and readers are encouraged to click here if you would like to donate to this excellent organization's work in Haiti.

Living with chronic pain and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity make participating in such work seem somewhat untenable for me at this time in my life, and I regret that my current physical health prevents me from taking part. Still, my heart goes out to the people of Haiti and those who are volunteering their time in this massive recovery effort.

May we all---myself included---realize how our own petty grievances and wants are so small in light of the suffering endured by so many, and may the people of Haiti be uplifted by the outpouring of support and love flowing their way from around the world.

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webner said...

you don't necessarily have to be present to be of service and assistance to the people of haiti. your fundraising efforts are a great contribution, and i'm sure your thoughts and prayers are appreciated.