Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Replacement Cometh

Today was the day when we interviewed the four top candidates to replace me in my position as Public Health Nurse. Without disclosing anything specific about the interviews or the interviewees themselves, it was a relief to realize that, yes, there are a number of qualified candidates who are interested in taking my place and assuming all of my responsibilities. Even more encouraging, our #1 choice is available to start on October 1st, which would afford a two-week overlap before I gracefully exit, stage left.

In prior blog posts (see "Stirrings of Nursely Guilt"), I have discussed the feeling of being indispensable as a nurse, carrying my nursing positions like crosses that I alone can bear. That's complete hogwash, of course, and I continue to process the emotions that lay beneath the nursely guilt complex.

Leaving my current position---at a time when the public health infrastructure is facing its greatest challenge in a generation---is truly a test of my personal resolve, and the guilt underscores for me the fact that I truly want to leave my position in qualified and well-prepared hands.

Today, it seems that the capable and qualified hands for which I have been waiting may well be ready to relieve me of my occupational burden (and guilt!), and I am only now beginning to see glimmers of light at the end of the tunnel.

Personally, these are exciting times as my wife and I ready ourselves for the cross-country trip of a lifetime. Wresting ourselves from our occupational shackles is one of the final acts that we must mindfully commit prior to stepping off of the precipice into the Great Unknown. And knowing that we may very well have found the person to whom I can pass the public health torch is a feeling of relief beyond measure. Now, as I wait to hear that the offer of employment has been accepted, I dare not to hold my breath........
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