Sunday, September 20, 2009

Finding a Successor

This week, we will interview four potential successors, intrepid nurses who are willing (and hopefully able) to pick up where I leave off on October 15th. The one who is chosen to take my place will inherit my office, my files, my newly written Public Health Nurse training manual, my many responsibilities, and the certainty that this flu season will be a doozy.

In preparation for my departure, I will continue to write the training manual, purge and organize files, order supplies, and administer as many flu shots as I can before my successor takes over. Now, the problem is that production and distribution of the seasonal flu vaccine is now slowing to a trickle as manufacturers try to cope with the ramped up need for H1N1 vaccine. So, plan as we may, how can we hold successful and far-reaching flu clinics if the flu vaccine is in short supply? Woe to the public health nurse who wants to be ahead of the 8-ball for a change.

So, we prepare, we strategize, and we hope---with multiple fingers crossed---that one of the interviewees is indeed intrepid, ready, willing, and able to pick up the torch and run with it into the crashing waves of flu season.
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