Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Exclusive Early Peek at Wikio Health Blog Rankings!

I am honored to have been given a sneak peek at the latest rankings for health-related blogs on Wikio. Digital Doorway is lucky enough to consistently be in the top 50 health blogs on Wikio, and I am happy to share this preview of the newest rankings with my readers. Enjoy! 

1Highlight HEALTH
2Kevin, M.D. - Medical Weblog
3Diabetes Mine
4In the Pipeline
5DB's Medical Rants
6The Covert Rationing Blog
7The Carlat Psychiatry Blog
8John Goodman's Health Policy Blog
9Junkfood Science
10Her Bad Mother
12The Doctor Is In
13Healthcare Economist
14Schwitzer health news blog
15Health Care Renewal
16Six Until Me.
17Disease Management Care Blog
19Musings of a Dinosaur
20Fight Aging!
21The Rotund
24The Last Psychiatrist
25MSSPNexus Blog
27retired doc's thoughts blog
29Cranky Fitness
30hospital impact
31Beyond Meds
32Brain Blogger
33Doctor Anonymous
34Dr. Deb
35Digital Doorway
36The Trouble With Spikol
37Postpartum Progress
38Weighty Matters
39Caustic Musings
42fat fu
43Autism Vox
44Medicine for the Outdoors
45Genetics and Health
46Brass and Ivory
47Eye on DNA
48soulful sepulcher
49Adventures in Autism
50Inside Surgery
51Autism Street
52Natural Variation - Autism Blog
53Autism News Beat
54Capital Health WW-MD's Notes
55A Nurse Practitioner's View
57The Voyage
58The Urban Monk
59Mauzy's Musings
61Hard Won Wisdom
62Jung At Heart

Ranking by Wikio.
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