Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Blog Action Day Wrap Up

On October 15th, I took part in Blog Action Day, an annual event wherein bloggers from around the world come together to write posts about the same subject, generally something of import to humanity as a whole. This year, the subject was poverty, and a wrap-up of the event can be found by clicking here.

Apparently, 12,800 bloggers took part this year in writing over 14,000 posts for a total audience of of over 13,000,000 readers.

To read my post, please click here. And if you're moved to take a moment to do something in the fight against poverty, then the movement has been effective. Here are just a few ideas for actions you can take:
  • make a donation to a local soup kitchen, food bank, or food pantry
  • volunteer to tutor a child
  • become a Big Brother or Big Sister
  • start your own non-profit organization
  • volunteer, volunteer, volunteer
  • make a donation to a national or local anti-poverty agency
  • type "poverty" into Google and do some reading and become more informed
  • talk to your friends and family about the reality of global poverty
  • donate time and money in lieu of buying holiday gifts this year
  • sponsor a child in need of education
  • vote
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