Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Thanks to Kim at Emergiblog

Many thanks for Kim over at Emergiblog for the following post:

"Congratulations are in order for nurse blogger colleague Keith of Digital Doorway! Keith has won the ValueCare, ValueNurses Nurse Blogger Scholarship! I’ll let Keith describe what he’ll be doing with his new award:

Basically, I was chosen as the one nurse blogger in the United States who will receive a generous stipend to blog several times each month on issues salient to healthcare reform and the current crisis in healthcare as we prepare for the presidential election. It is a very big task and I’m still preparing mentally for the challenge. I would appreciate any guidance or advice, as well as links to articles or websites that might be fodder for my writing process.

"I’ve been a fan of Keith and his writing for a long time, and if anyone can make sense of our health care issues as we go into this election, he’s da man! And trust me, there is lots of fodder out here , so be sure to send Keith any information you think he can use!

"As if this weren’t enough, Keith is working with a new nursing community entitled “NurseLinkUp”. I just checked it out, head on over and say hi!"

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