Monday, July 07, 2008

Of Vacations and Relative Privilege

Well, we're back home, pleasantly vacated and rested from the toil of the workaday world.

Now, if only everyone could afford and enjoy even a brief holiday, then there would be economic justice in the world. But alas, only some of us can afford such luxury, and I am very grateful that this is possible for us. While our vacations are modest affairs, they're still vacations nonetheless, and I bear in mind my relative privilege.

Speaking of privilege, sitting here on my porch after a long day in the city is yet another privilege not to be taken lightly. In the urban concrete jungle where I sometimes work (and where my wife works daily), people swelter in the summer heat with very few available ways to experience relief. Hot weather is always worse in the city, as the concrete absorbs the sun's rays and heat is trapped in the streets.

Yes, some of us relish the summer as we drive air conditioned cars and dive into well-maintained pools. Of course we should all enjoy what we are so blessed to have, yet we can still bear in mind those who have so much less.

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