Saturday, January 26, 2008

Awoken by Pain

I am awoken by pain this morning. My pain is like a ball crammed into my right lower back muscles, a most unwelcome visitor. My pain is like a parasite that distracts my attention, sometimes limiting my ability to be present, or worse, shortening my fuse.

I try to not allow my pain to limit what I do, but I have to admit that it already has. Cross-country skiing? Forget it. Sitting comfortably for more than an hour? Generally not possible. Waking from sleep without discomfort? A rare occurrence. And even swimming, that form of exercise that seems the most low-impact? Aches nonetheless.

So what does one do with pain which seems to want to stick around and be a constant companion? I've tried ignoring it. I've tried catering to it. I've talked to it and rejected it. For now, it seems that I'll simply continue to try to live my life as if it weren't there.
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