Thursday, September 13, 2007

Good News Always Welcome

In the midst of my personal struggles, I am very pleased to announce that the Nursing Online Education Database (NOEDb) has named the top 25 nursing blogs on the Internet, and Digital Doorway was rated #15. NOEDb apparently used third-party ratings from sites like Google and Technorati to rate the sites and gather objective data.

I am honored and humbled by being included in this list of excellent nurse bloggers, and it is moments like these that remind me that there are actually real people out there reading blogs, feeding this technological revolution in communication and connectivity. Blogging can often feel like a lonely venture, with few comments to bolster the blogger who sends missives out into the ethers in hopes of connection and readership. Thanks to all who read Digital Doorway, and please continue to support bloggers by visiting their sites and letting them know you're out there. And thanks again for visiting. After all, without readers, blogs are just more digital noise.
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