Monday, July 31, 2006

Monday Evening Nurse Syndrome

Symptoms: fatigue, with a modicum of feeling wired and drained at the same time; feelings that the week will be endlessly long; profuse diaphoresis from summer heat; muscular soreness from nerve root cyst and bulging lumbar discs; moderate thirst without compromised skin turgor or change in urinary output; did I say fatigue?

Symptom management: swim at creek with dogs; relaxing computer time, blogging and emailing; fruit smoothie for dinner (frozen banana, blueberry-pomegranate juice, soy milk, watermelon); 15-minute sunset bike ride; gin and tonic with organic lime juice while sitting on screened-in porch listening to crickets and locusts; looking at the face of my love; cool shower; 7 or 8 hours of sleep in air-conditioned room after gin and tonic settles nicely; toothbrushing mandatory, flossing is elective procedure.

Diagnosis: Monday Evening Nurse Syndrome; alteration in weekend relaxation.

Prognosis: good, as long as the swims, gin and tonics, and air-conditioned sleeps are adhered to as rx'd.

Treatment Goal: happy nurse, without burnout or compassion fatigue, ready for the world tomorrow.

Likelihood of successful treatment: high.

Likelihood of similar symptoms in future: also high.

Likelihood of ability to cope with said symptoms in future: unquestionably high.

Overall prognosis: positive, with proper maintenance and adherence to treatment.

Additional rx: gin and tonics, ad lib. Adhere to Prozac rx. Add ice cream or chocolate prn.
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