Monday, July 24, 2006

A Little Shell Shock

After such a balanced and blissful weekend, the reality of Monday morning was difficult to digest. As the morning wore on, my internal mantra of "maintain the relaxation of the weekend within" lost its power and I was then lost to the stress of the day.

I occasionally came up for air, especially when Mary arrived just before noon, knocking on the window behind my desk. I opened the office door to see her, a vision in a lovely summer dress, saying "Can you come out to play?" Smiling, she held our lunch in her hand for us to enjoy by the sprinkler park as children frolicked in the splashing water, some of which misted us as we ate watermelon and organic pistachios. I walked her halfway across the park back towards her sweet Senior Center and we kissed goodbye. She didn't know it, but I looked back three or four times to watch her cross the expanse of grass towards her workplace. I just couldn't stop watching her. It was like my soul was crossing that field. Then I headed to the office and plunged back into the melee, the simplicity of lunch in the park with my love giving way to the complexity of the endless needs of my patients.

It was uphill from there.
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