Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Group Coaching For Nurses is Here!

Under the auspices of Nurse Keith Coaching, I love to offer individualized coaching to nurses who want to improve their self-care, prevent burnout, or otherwise manage their career and create more satisfying personal and professional lives. Now, group coaching is the newest vehicle available for nurses who would like to work and play with me in the context of coaching!

Group coaching is a very special way to experience the power of coaching. In the group format, participants listen to one another's stories, witness fellow group members being coached, and offer feedback or support when group members request it. There are frequently opportunities for group members to connect by phone, Skype or email in between sessions, and lifelong friendships based on mutual solidarity and support can form based on the camaraderie that is created by this very dynamic and experience.

The group coaching format is a very affordable alternative for those watching their budget, so group coaching can be a very cost-effective means to creating change and receiving support in your personal and professional life!

My coaching groups generally run for three months, with three group sessions per month. Meanwhile, each participant also receives an individual coaching call with me, as well as email support and brief "spot coaching calls" if a specific question arises in between sessions.

Groups are priced based on frequency, length and number of participants, and all calls are recorded.
If you're interested in group coaching, please contact me for more details!

Meanwhile, note that the first group of 2013 will begin on Thursday, April 4th, 2013 at 12pm EST! 

Nurses, let's coach together and improve our lives, singularly and collectively!

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