Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Internet Radio for Nurses Takes Off!

Our newly birthed internet radio station for nurses---RN.FM Radio---is maturing into a reliable weekly source of inspiration, encouragement, interviews and nursing news that many nurses are flocking to every Monday evening at 9pm EST. 

The brainchild of myself, Anna Morrison of I Coach Nurses, and Kevin Ross of Innovative Nurse, RN.FM Radio is internet talk radio that delivers what nurses need in the 21st century. Nursing needs a shot in the arm, so to speak, and we're bringing you guests every week whose innovations as nurse entrepreneurs and nursing thought leaders are changing the landscape for nursing worldwide.

Every show is archived for your listening pleasure and convenience, and the following episodes are currently available:

Episode #1: we introduce the show and ourselves to our listeners.

Episode #2: Andrew Lopez of NurseFriendly.com, discusses his journey as an innovative online nurse entrepreneur.

Episode #3: Laurel Lewis, a hospice nurse from the Los Angeles area, shares her vision of how death and dying can be a dynamic and worthwhile topic of discussion in our death-phobic culture. She tells the story of her life as a young widow, and her creation of her groundbreaking "Death and Dying Dinner Parties" where strangers get together over a sumptuous dinner and discuss death and dying in a safe and non-judgmental environment.

Episode #4: Annette Tersigni, "The Yoga Nurse", inspires and entrances with her sage wisdom and entrepreneurial savvy as she relates her journey from Hollywood actress and cover girl to yoga teacher and nurse, followed by her transformation into the wildly successful Yoga Nurse.

RN.FM Radio is available on Blog Talk Radio, and we'll soon have our episodes ready for iTunes podcasting. We are so delighted to bring such wonderful guests and nurse innovators to the table, and we look forward to many more exciting and inspiring episodes.

Please join us as we unleash the power of the 21st century nurse through the magical medium of radio!

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