Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Licensed by the Lone Star

It's finally official. My nursing license from the state of Texas has arrived! Having been on the road for seven months, I have had the blissful experience of not needing to punch the clock, and the only paid work I have been doing has been writing content for and Working Nurse Magazine.

Now that we will be suspending our travels and spending the summer in Santa Fe, New Mexico, it's time to look for work, float my resume, and translate that new license into action and income.

Some of you may wonder how I can work in New Mexico with a Texas license, and the answer is quite simple. A licensure compact exists between 24 states of the US, allowing for reciprocity between each state for nurses who hold a current license in one of those jurisdictions. With my legal domicile in Texas and my current (perhaps temporary) living situation in New Mexico, this licensure compact makes earning money and finding work much easier, a fact for which I am extremely grateful.

Having my new Texas license is a goal I have been moving towards for months, and I feel gratified that I have finally completed the lengthy application process. The job market for nursing positions is tighter than one might surmise, so having that license in hand is one of the important steps in enabling myself to pound the virtual pavement and find meaningful and remunerative work that utilizes the skills that I have honed for more than 15 years.

Stay tuned as the itinerant nurse searches for work in his temporary New Mexican home!

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