Thursday, January 14, 2010

Responding to Haiti

With news of the devastation in Haiti coming to light, we all pray for the survivors, relief workers, and those searching for missing loved ones. With the death toll rising in the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, it is hard to fathom how much more the people of Haiti can take. President Obama pledged $100 million in aid today, and there is no telling how much it will take to rebuild the country, bury the dead, and tend to the wounded and traumatized.

As I write this, a National Public Radio reporter is crying as he reports on the plethora of injured children and adults laying on cots in a hotel driveway in downtown Port au Prince.

Money is pouring in from all corners of the globe, and you can make a difference by donating to organizations such as Partners in Health and Doctors Without Borders. The online organization Care2 offers a useful selection of information on the crisis, and National Public Radio also has a list of resources available on their website.

When making donations, please be cautious that you are giving money through a secure and reliable website, and be aware that some scams have already been detected as people scramble to donate money quickly.

There have been some rumors circulating that American Airlines is offering to fly nurses and doctors to Haiti for free, but I have not been able to independently confirm that information.

We keep the people of Haiti in our prayers and thoughts, and join with others in the sense of helplessness that many of us can feel when devastation strikes. May we all do what we can, give what we are able, and hold the people of Haiti in our hearts and prayers.

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Anonymous said...

absolutely, my prayers are with haiti