Friday, January 29, 2010

Digital Doorway Turns Five

On January 18th, Digital Doorway quietly turned five years old, and this important anniversary passed me by without notice.

Over these last five years, this blog has been the repository of a great deal of my musings about nursing, health care, medicine, spirituality, life with chronic pain and chronic illness, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, and many other notions and experiences along the way. While some nurse bloggers focus keenly on nursing, Digital Doorway's life has been an itinerant one, wandering from subject to subject, meandering through many doors along life's innumerable corridors.

Blogs have a life of their own, and this blog has lived through any number of permutations. Along the way, there have been awards and recognition, and my writings here have actually led to paid work as a writer both in print and online, with some projects still underway.

I'm grateful for the opportunities that writing this blog have afforded me for the last five years, and although I may have lost some readers by not staying more clear and focused in my choice of subject matter, it has been a consistently gratifying ride.

Since my wife and I are still on the road and blogging about our experience, my blogging attention has admittedly been drawn elsewhere, but Digital Doorway will continue to be a place where I document my life, my thoughts, and my future work as a nurse when our traveling days are over.

Please stay tuned as I continue to retool and reevaluate what Digital Doorway is truly about, and thanks for being here.

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