Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Opposing Views: The U.S. and Universal Healthcare

I would like to bring readers' attention to a website called "Opposing Views" wherein "real experts go head-to-head on issues you care about". From the spanking of children to animal rights, an open forum of debate, discussion and commentary allows experts and readers to chime in on pressing issues of the day.

Apropos of Digital Doorway's predilection for issues related to healthcare, there is currently a lively and very interesting debate on the site which poses the question, "Should the U.S. Have Universal Healthcare"? I highly recommend visiting this particular debate, leaving a comment if you so desire, and perusing the site for other debates, such as "Does Marijuana Have Medical Value?", "Is There a God?", "Do Guns Make You Safer?", and "Should Your Daughter Receive the HPV Vaccine?"

Debate is a healthy way for issues of interest to be discussed under a framework of civil discussion and intellectual sharing. Opposing Views certainly offers a valuable forum for such discussions to take place, and I encourage anyone who enjoys such lively give and take to frequently pay this excellent site a visit.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting; I may have to check it out.
Those of you in the profession who enjoy being overworked,underpaid, and told what to do by a GOVERNMENT bureaucrat will truly love Universal Health Care, for that is exactly what will happen. I strongly advise everyone to oppose the whole concept.
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Unknown said...

Universal health care means the government provides some health care coverage to all citizens. Opponents of Universal health care suggest health care is like any other service, and should be privately paid for. Furthermore they suggest health care will be more efficient by reducing government intervention. Proponents suggest that access to basic health care is the right of every citizen.
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