Saturday, November 01, 2008

Value Care, Value Nurses Blogger Scholarship Completed

I have now completed my series of posts under the auspices of the Nurse Blogger Scholarship which I was awarded in July of this year from Value Care, Value Nurses. I would like to take this opportunity to thank VCVN and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) for their generosity and support. VCVN and SEIU exerted no influence on the subject matter, tone, or content of my posts, and I was given absolutely free reign throughout the length of the scholarship period.

As a way to make all of my entries available in one place, I am creating links to each post---in chronological order of their publication---here.

Value Care, Value Nurses Scholarship
The Nursing Shortage: A Global Crisis, Close to Home
Obama, Healthcare and a Trio of Mythic Figures
The Aging World
Hispanics and the U.S. Healthcare System
Religion and Discrimination in Healthcare
Nurses' Voices, Nurses' Image: Nurses' Power
The Office of the National Nurse
Economics and the Elderly
The Irony of Mental Health Parity
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: A Hidden Disability
The Nursing Shortage, PBS-Style
New Nurses, Primary Care, and the Calculus of a Multifaceted Shortage

Nurses have a great deal to say, and nurse bloggers are frequently outspoken, taking risks and shining a light in some interesting (and sometimes disturbing) corners of the healthcare system. My hope is that the Value Care, Value Nurses Nurse Blogger Scholarship will become an annual award that will continue to bring nurses' voices to the fore at a time when those voices are greatly needed.

Again, my sincerest gratitude to VCVN and SEIU for their support, generosity, and encouragement.

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