Sunday, June 29, 2008


Life moves along a trajectory and it often seems that one is simply along for the ride. However, as powerless as we may sometimes feel vis-a-vis our life's development, I feel certain that I must take full responsibility for how my life has grown and changed. Whether there are unseen forces at play or not, taking responsibility for my life is one way that I empower myself to reflect on the choices that I have made, not to mention the choices before me as I press forward.

Nursing as a career was a conscious choice to work in a field that would provide me with a reliable income while also allowing me to serve others in a soulful way. That ability to serve and give from the heart is, for me, truly at the center of nursing. Even as I begin a process of decreasing the amount of time I spend providing hands-on care (at least temporarily), I remain conscious of the notion that it is the face to face contact that makes my "nurseness" real.

Developing a career as a writer, so far my identity as a nurse is absolutely central to my writing----here on Digital Doorway, on Nurse LinkUp, and in other online venues where I may soon be providing content, articles and blog posts. My life-long desire to be a writer is now manifesting itself through the "filter" of nursing, and my life as a nurse is feeding and abetting my work as a writer. This symbiosis (and may I also say synthesis?) is gratifying and exciting, and while writing becomes more and more central to my life and career, I plan to never lose sight of my very deep-seated need for contact, intimate interaction, and the gifts of the nurse-patient relationship.

This newest manifestation along my career trajectory is keeping me on my toes, and I look forward to watching the progression as things develop and change. Thank you for staying tuned, and thank you for being the eyes and heart on the other side of the computer screen.

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