Friday, June 27, 2008

Back in an Old Saddle

Today I began a four-week intensive of covering for vacationing Nurse Practitioners at my old office for 16 to 20 hours each week. While I've been spending a half-day there most weeks---filling med boxes, doing simple home visits, filling insulin syringes---I am now back in the position of Care Manager, albeit temporarily.

My anxiety vis-a-vis this little sojourn has been high, and today was no exception. However, once I was ensconced in that old familiar milieu, surrounded by caring colleagues who I've known for many years, my anxiety melted away and I just got down to the task(s) at hand. Still, I can safely say that being back in this capacity causes me to feel immense gratitude for the opportunity to no longer work full time, and to have left the job of Care Manager behind.

My nursing career is at a new place, with a learning curve at my new hospice position, many writing opportunities (mostly over at Nurse LinkUp), and the ability to pick and choose what I do and when I do it.

So, I'm watching the wheels, and I think I like how they're turning.

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