Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Change of Shift - Vol. One, Number Fifteen

Change of Shift, that carnival of nursing thought through the vehicle of blogging, is up and running yet again and you can access the latest edition here.

There are so many talented and thoughtful bloggers out there, it's just too hard to keep up. Personally, I must admit that between work, home, my own blogging, and life in all its peregrinations, reading others' blogs is often something that takes a back seat to other responsibilities. However, when I do decide to dig in and take the pulse of the medical, nursing, or literary blogospheres, I am consistently reminded that there are innumerable individuals in the world who, like me, choose to share their experience in this most democratic of spheres wherein the individual may publish---direct and raw---from their living room to yours.

We are truly blessed that so many choose this form of publication, eschewing the world of agents, editors, and middlemen who only serve to stand between a writer and his or her potential audience. Without blogs, so many voices would be silent, unable to reach a wider audience, relegated to journals and notebooks gathering dust in countles homes. Instead, our words gather in the ethers and reach the eyes and minds and hearts of willing readers.

I am so thankful to have found this venue for my own creative expression. And many thanks to you, dear Reader, for coming along for the ride.

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Janet said...

You're welcome. I always enjoy your blog and check it daily.