Thursday, January 04, 2007

The 2006 Medical Weblog Awards

I am pleased and humbled to report that Digital Doorway has been nominated for the 2006 Medical Weblog Awards under the category of Best Literary Medical Weblog. The competition is stiff, what with The Examining Room of Dr. Charles and The Cheerful Oncologist also nominated in this category---both formidably talented bloggers, as are the other nominees. Still, it is an honor to even be considered, and I thank whomever it was who nominated Digital Doorway in the first place.


Mary said...

fan o' Keith here to suggest that those of us who dig how this cat pours out his heart and guts to us here, brings tears to the eye and out-loud-laughs, why, that we click onto the fist live link in this blog post and then click onto vote now then best medical literary blog and give this here cat our vote! even if he may be out literaried by some fancy docs, he still deserves our votes. even if just to make this overworked one feel seen and heard. dotn we all love to be that?

apgaRN said...

Congrats, Keith! I'm still reading... and voting.