Friday, October 31, 2014

Feeling Spooked By Nursing?

It's Halloween, and it seems natural to examine our nursing careers for skeletons in the closet, ghosts that haunt us, and old stories that just don't fit anymore. Are you ready to let go?

 The Ghosts That Haunt You

Are there ghosts that haunt your nursing career? Are there patients, colleagues, errors, or miscalculations that still populate a painful place in your mind and heart? Are things from the past that hurt you emotionally, psychologically or spiritually still orbiting your heart?

This is a ripe time for letting go, releasing those old tapes, and allowing those old ghosts to remove themselves from their lair.

Skeletons in the Closet

Are there skeletons in your nursing closet that, like the ghosts that haunt you, need to be shown the door? Those skeletons can really trip you up, especially when they're the kind that will do their best to hold you back.

What skeleton still lingers in your nursing closet? How can you let him or her go?

The Fires of Release

At this time of Halloween and All Hallow's Eve, we can play with fire, say hello to our dead, and burn our regrets, memories and ghosts in the fires of forgiveness.

Are there things in your career that you need to release to the fire? How can you let go even more so that you're open to what's next for you?

We nurses juggle so much in our lives. If you have to juggle some fire in order to let it all go, maybe it's worth the risk.

Be A Child Again

Nursing can be serious business, but what if we were to be like children again, and look inside our hearts for what really makes us come alive?

In your career, perhaps it's actually high time to restore your naive, innocent curiosity about this thing called nursing once again.

What do you want to learn? What are you curious about? What lights you up? What's truly fun for you? How could you make this career enjoyable again?

Make An Altar To Your Best Nursing Self

Whether you make a literal altar, or simply an altar in your mind, perhaps it's an auspicious occasion to reexamine the soul of your nursing career. Why are you doing what you do? Who are you as a nurse? Where are you going? Where have you been? Who and what do you wish to become?

Embrace this time when the veils between the worlds are said to be thinner. Allow yourself to dream as you envision the future of your nursing career.

Have fun, release the ghosts, kick the skeletons out of the closet, and feel a sense of renewal of your career, and of your identity as a nurse.


All photos by Keith Carlson and Mary Rives
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