Saturday, August 30, 2014

Hop Aboard the LinkedIn Train!

Since its inception, LinkedIn has been helping savvy professionals connect and build robust networks with like-minded colleagues the world over. Are you on board with LinkedIn, or is your profile gathering digital dust? Do you feel confused by LinkedIn? Do you want a robust profile but don’t know where to begin?


While you may see LinkedIn as simply another form of social media, it's actually a very powerful search engine cleverly disguised as social media. How do we professionals find each other in a crowded digital universe? LinkedIn is the go-to platform for recruiters and professionals alike.

Meanwhile, many people still see LinkedIn as solely a type of "online resume", but it's usefulness far outweighs such a humdrum purpose. LinkedIn is where potential employers look for your profile after they receive your resume, and it's where many professionals gather to discuss the hottest topics in their industry.

Even if you're currently happily employed, you should still be growing your network (because we all know that most jobs don't last forever and it's good to have as many high-quality professional connections as you can, right?)

In short, Linked In needs to be a part of your overall holistic networking strategy.

Link Up With Nurse Keith!

I offer expert guidance in maximizing your LinkedIn profile and using LinkedIn to your greatest professional advantage.

In a special LinkedIn coaching session, you'll learn how to spiff up your profile, pepper your profile with important keywords from your industry, and use powerful, action-oriented language. If you choose to engage in subsequent sessions, we can further increase your savvy use of this important platform, helping you to create symbiotic relationships with professionals and colleagues around the world.

 A "Linked In" Makeover!

This summer, I've been offering a "LinkedIn Profile Makeover" special via social media, and this includes a 90-minute telephone or Skype session with me to maximize your LinkedIn profile. You also receive a 12-page pdf detailing many of the recommended profile changes that will improve the quality of your LinkedIn presence. By the end of our work together, you'll have the makings of a stellar Linked In profile!

This offer was destined to end on September 1st, but I'm now extending it to September 30th. In return for $75, you receive 90 minutes of my expert LinkedIn coaching. This can come in the form of one marathon 90-minute session or two 45-minute sessions.

After September 30th, the cost of this 90-minute makeover will be increasing to $100, so now's the time to hop on board the LinkedIn train!

Why Not Get Linked Up?

21st century professionals understand that networking is paramount in our current landscape, and online networking is one facet of that strategy. It behooves you to get linked up on Linked In, so allow me to guide you in maximizing your use of this increasingly powerful and popular platform!

To your success!

Nurse Keith

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