Saturday, March 06, 2010

Nursing Jurisprudence: Exam Anxiety

Jusidprudence: the theory and philosophy of law (Wikipedia)

Well, now that I've successfully submitted my application and fingerprints in order to obtain a nursing license in Texas, the next (and final) hoop through which I must leap is taking a 2-hour online exam on nursing jurisprudence in the Lone Star State. While I have no idea just how difficult the exam is, I do know that I need to download a 254-page document from which the answers can be gleaned.

Based on my experience with the nursing board exams and the anxiety which I experienced at that time in my life prior to becoming a licensed nurse, I am admittedly none too happy that this exam has reared its ugly head. I am a terrible test-taker, and while I'm thrilled that the Texas Board of Nursing does not require me to retake the nursing boards (Heaven forbid!), I'm dragging my heels about this upcoming test of my ability to speed-read 250 pages of legalese and translate it into a passing grade on a multiple-choice exam. Here's an idea: in lieu of this test of my fortitude, just let me perform a physical assessment, take a blood pressure, draw some blood or start an IV (on second thought, skip the IV and the blood draw---I'm way too rusty!)

At any rate, perhaps the exam will prove to be nothing more than legal common sense and a few hours of frantically leafing through a 250-page pdf document. Please stay tuned as I psych myself up for this next phase in obtaining my new nursing license, and if anyone knows anything about the legal aspects of nursing practice in Texas, I'm all ears!


angel said...

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Nancy G., CA RN said...

Keith, good luck studying for and taking the TX Nursing Jurisprudence exam! I will be following in your footsteps. Sorry I don't have any words of wisdom - just encouragement.