Sunday, February 01, 2009

Change of Shift at Digital Doorway, February 5th

I will be hosting Change of Shift, the premier nursing blog carnival, here on Digital Doorway on February 5th.

There is no specific theme for this next edition of CoS, and I welcome submissions from any blogger, as long as the post has something to do with nursing, medicine, health, health policy, health care, health care reform, disabilities, social justice, human services, human relations, or the human condition in general. (So narrow, I know.....)

Anyway, feel free to email me directly (my email is available through my Blogger profile), or submit via Blog Carnival, the user-friendly website for all things carnival. All submissions are due by noon on February 4th. Any submissions received after that time may or may not be included, depending on my mood, workload, and level of insomnia.

Thank you, and I look forward to hosting Change of Shift this Thursday, February 5th.
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