Sunday, April 27, 2008


We have returned from a wonderful journey to Boulder, Colorado and Santa Fe, New Mexico (as well as a number of points in between, including Ghost Ranch, an old haunt of American painter Georgia O'Keefe).

Traveling with chronic pain and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity certainly makes such ventures more challenging. One of the most difficult things for me was feeling quite limited in the amount of hiking and outdoor activities in which I could indulge without significant suffering in its aftermath. Still, I managed to enjoy the outdoors, take less vigorous hikes, and use medication to assuage my pain.

Now, returning to New England, I face important decisions as to how to earn enough money while not working full time. Pain is a limiting factor, yet bringing income to the table is crucial while still maintaining my health.

Another issue with which I am grappling is how to keep this blog alive and well without the frequent patient interactions which previously provided such excellent grist for my writing mill. I want to remain true to the spirit of this blog by providing commentary on nursing, health and healthcare, while still blogging about my own personal journey.

Suggestions are welcome, and feedback is treasured.
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