Thursday, March 08, 2007

Some Ideas for the Winter Blues

Fly to the Caribbean.
Quit your job.
Go to the casino.
Refinance your mortgage.
Have a Hot Buttered Rum.
Call an old friend.
Drink too much coffee.
Eat chocolate.
Play the lottery.
On second thought, don't play the lottery.
Flirt with a co-worker.
Buy a new toothbrush.
Jam the copy machine on purpose.
Boycott the staff meeting. Twice.
Surf the Internet on work time.
Make fruit salad.
Eat fruit salad.
Shoot rubber-bands across the office.
Take an extra dose of Prozac.
Eat enough fiber.
Throw away all of your socks with holes in them.
Start a new blog.
Join the gym.
Quit the gym.
Don't even go to the gym.
Go to bed early.
Wake up late.
Dream of Spring.
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