Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Med-Surg Nursing, Dr. Renee Thompson, and San Diego

For those of you deep in the heart of medical-surgical nursing, you know that skill and knowledge go hand in hand. While I have not myself spent time in the med-surg milieu, I know that nurses caring for patients in acute care med-surg environments are both specialists and generalists. For this reason, I am partnering with Renee Thompson by speaking at her upcoming 2nd Annual Medical-Surgical Nursing Symposium in beautiful San Diego.

While many of you may recognize Dr. Thompson as the foremost national leader on eradicating bullying and harassment in the healthcare workplace, Renee is also a superb lecturer on a variety of medical and nursing topics, and her conferences and seminars are not to be missed.

On February 4th and 5th, 2016, dozens of nurses will descend on San Diego to immerse themselves in Dr. Renee Thompson's expertise on med-surg nursing. The 2nd Annual Medical-Surgical Nursing Symposium will offer nurses the opportunity to learn from one of the foremost nursing leaders and speakers in the country. Renee describes the symposium thus:
Welcome to the RTConnections’ Medical Surgical Nursing Symposiums. These symposiums are designed to equip nurses with the latest clinical knowledge and professional skills needed to effectively care for today’s complex medical surgical patients. Experts in medical surgical patient care and professional development will present informative, up-to-date content on the topics that impact today’s nurse.

To support YOUR success, we’ve incorporated opportunities for you to learn key success principles, get your resume reviewed, and learn what it takes to take create a profitable and fulfilling nursing career. We know you will find opportunities to network with your peers, enjoy a lovely meal (while sitting down), and ultimately, feel good about the amazing work you do!

Stimulate your brain and nourish your heart!
Not only does Renee offer the most powerful learning for nurses seeking to master medical-surgical knowledge---perhaps in pursuit of certification---she also offers added value by bringing diverse speakers who broaden the scope of the event. On day one, I'll be offering a one-hour talk entitled "Harnessing The Power of Social Media", and I'll dive deep into how nurses can utilize social  media for the benefit of their career and professional development. Other non-clinical offerings include presentations on assertive communication skills and the prevention of workplace violence and bullying.

I put my compete trust in Renee's ability to deliver extremely valuable content to the attendees of these symposiums, and her expertise will shine when addressing fluids and electrolytes, anticoagulants, inflammatory bowel disease, ABGs, and other topics salient to the med-surg nurse.

Meanwhile, if you do indeed come to be with us in San Diego, any attendee who mentions this blog post will receive a complimentary hour of coaching with me by phone or Skype during the course of 2016!

I hope to see some of you in San Diego!


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