Sunday, October 25, 2015

Nurse Keith on!

The latest news in the nurse blogging world is that I have officially replaced Donna Cardillo as the expert nurse career blogger at! This is a humbling honor, and although it's no small task to fill the shoes of the world's consummate nursing career guru, I'm now posting over at twice per week, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive! + Nurse Keith Coaching


The fact that owns the word "nurse" on the Internet is no small feat, and they are a highly reputable, positive, and respected force in the online nursing ecosystem. With a new blogging platform currently being built, the power and quality of's bloggers will be exponentially increased as 2015 gives way to 2016.
Here are links to some of my recent posts on this venerable and far-reaching platform: 

How New Grads Can Remove Job Search Blinders and Network: A review of the importance of networking for new grads in the 21st-century nursing job marketplace. 

4 Ways to Reboot Your Nursing Career: If your nursing career is feeling uninspired or flaccid, here are four suggestions for grabbing your nursing career by the horns.

5 Positive Traits of a High-Caliber Nurse Leader:  Nurse leaders are crucial to the health of any unit, agency or facility, and we’ve all likely heard or experienced horror stories of nurse managers from Hades. How can a nurse leader be the best he or she can be?

Being a Nurse Leader, Even Without the Title: Leadership can be taught, but it’s also intuitive, and some nurses have this gift. What makes a particular nurse embody the characteristics of true leadership, even when he or she has no official title?

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Thanks for being part of the Nurse Keith Nation, and please let me know what subjects and issues you'd like me to address for you here on Digital Doorway and my blog at 

Here's to your success, happiness, and career satisfaction!

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