Friday, February 27, 2015

Nursing Careers and Times of Change

Nursing and healthcare are dynamic engines of change, and the thoughtful 21st-century nurse must read the writing on the wall, keep his or her ear to the rails, and listen for the rumblings of change in the profession of nursing, and within the larger healthcare ecosystem.

In Episode 8 of "The Nurse Keith Show", I discuss the ways in which keeping our finger on the pulse of the profession is crucial, and how the multitude of opportunities for nurses are currently expanding exponentially.

In terms of elder care and the private case management of elders whose children live far away, nurses are realizing that they are perfectly positioned to leverage their expertise (and the public's trust) in order to embark on entrepreneurial ventures that deeply and profoundly benefit families. A savvy nurse can serve as the eyes and ears of distant adult children of elderly parents, managing the care of the elder parent so that the adult child can rely on the the nurse to keep mom or dad safe, monitor his or her health, and communicate with both medical providers and the family on a regular basis.

Listening to the news and keeping up with podcasts can give the curious nurse much to ponder in terms of where the industry is heading, and where the best opportunities for employment and entrepreneurship may be.

Meanwhile, reading blogs, books, magazines, and journals helps the nurse to remain aware of
patterns and changes in the outer culture that may signal opportunities for leveraging our nursing skills in myriad ways.

Please listen to episode 8 of "The Nurse Keith Show" for an inspiring discussion about facilitating change in your own career, and preparing for a more exciting and fulfilling professional life as you keep your finger on the pulse of change. 

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