Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Nurses Speak in Santa Fe

Something powerful is happening for nurses here in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and I don't mean a strike, pay raise or decreased mandatory overtime. Rather, nurses are going to have an opportunity to speak their minds, creatively drawing on their personal and professional experiences for a public reading of introspective and illuminating monologues. Intrigued?

Nurses Speak is the brainchild of my wife, Mary Rives, and her co-facilitator and colleague, Dr. Sally Fox, certified Storyhealers facilitators. Mary and Sally are ready to bring eight nurses together for a four-day workshop that will culminate in a public reading of eight nurse-centric monologues. This reading/performance will take place at the venerable Jean Cocteau Theater in downtown Santa Fe, owned by the equally venerable George R.R. Martin (the author of the books upon which the HBO series "Game of Thrones" is based).

I, myself, will be participating in this groundbreaking and profound workshop/performance. I encourage my nurse friends and colleagues to consider coming to Santa Fe for a working vacation that will result in a life-changing experience of unparalleled personal and professional poignancy.

Mary and Sally share: 
You’re a nurse, and you know that nurses are the backbone of the healthcare industry. You’ve spent years helping others in the community, and you have unique and powerful stories to tell. Those stories deserve to be heard.

It’s time to bring your stories into the light. This is a unique opportunity for you to reflect on your life as a nurse so that others can know who you are and what you do. 
Join us in discovering and crafting a story that you can share from your nurse’s heart.

Nurses Speak is a transformative five-day experience utilizing the “StoryHealers” process developed by Tanya Taylor Rubinstein, Santa Fe’s own internationally renowned solo performance coach.

You'll be expertly guided through a series of powerful exercises that will take you from story to stage in just five days.

JOIN US for Nurses Speak if you are:
  • interested in speaking your truth about what being a nurse is all about.
  • curious about the transformative power of storytelling.
  • ready for a journey to discover the truth about your life as a nurse.
  • hungry for time to deeply process the experience of being a nurse.
  • eager to improve your ability to communicate clearly.
  • desirous of healing your nurse’s soul.
Nurses, it's time for us to raise our voices in a new way, using the powerful venue of the stage as our launchpad for the telling of our stories. The media has used its influence to paint a frequently unrealistic picture of who we are and what we do as nurses. Nurses Speak is a way to remedy that misrepresentation. Why not join me and visit our fair city at the same time?

To listen to a wonderful interview with Mary and Sally on RNFM Radio, this is the place to do so:

If you can't make it to Santa Fe but would like to participate in such an empowering event and experience, invite Mary and Sally to come to your town or city and present the Nurses Speak workshop for you and your colleagues. This is an opportunity not to be missed, so get your colleagues excited and make it happen!

Please visit this page, share with friends and onsocial media, and do us the favor of liking the Nurses Speak Facebook page. You can also peruse Mary and Sally's page on RNFMRadio.com.

The more nurses who know about this, the more groundbreaking truth-telling our profession can do!

Nurses, it's time to speak. Are you ready?

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