Friday, September 26, 2014

Where Has Nurse Keith Been?

Well, it seems that the last few weeks have run away from me, and here we are on the precipice of autumn. My, how time flies in the worlds of nursing, coaching, writing....and life!

 Over these last weeks, my wife Mary and I have moved house and office to a beautiful new space in our beloved cohousing community in Santa Fe, New Mexico. In fact, here's a photo.....

And in case you've been wondering, I am still offering self-care and career development retreats here in "The City Different", and you are more than welcome to come see us in the high desert of the beautiful Southwest.

In terms of writing, my author page at is populated with many popular articles, and I encourage you to read and comment. One of my most recent articles, "New Nurses and the Med-Surg Mythos", received a few dozen comments, and I would love to hear your reaction.

As the summer is left behind and the dust settles from moving both home and office, I'm now resuming my regular weekly blog posts, and this will include new videos which will also be posted on my YouTube channel.

Meanwhile, visit for our latest eye-opening interviews and conversations, and I send you my best as fall begins in earnest!

---Nurse Keith

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