Thursday, May 08, 2014

Nurse Keith Sends Nurses Week Greetings from Phoenix

During this Nurses Week, I spoke at the Infusion Nurses Society 2014 Annual Convention and Industrial Exhibition in Phoenix, Arizona, and I was thrilled to be in the presence of so many dedicated nurses.

It's an honor to have been invited to present on the subject of work-life balance at the convention---especially during the celebration of Nurses Week---and the other presentations that I had the pleasure to attend were all outstanding.

Here's a video postcard from my hotel room at the Hyatt just after my presentation.... Attending nursing conferences can be a wonderful opportunity to make new friends, not to mention connect face to face with people you've only met on social media.

I'm very grateful to INS for inviting me to speak, and I look forward to presenting on a variety of subjects at many more conferences, conventions and meetings in the months and years to come.

Happy Nurses Week, everyone!

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