Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Nurse Keith on Your Linked In Summary

Since many of you have expressed interest in more videos about Linked In, social media and authentic networking, here's a new short video---along with an explanatory blog post---about your Linked In summary.

The summary is the part of your Linked In profile that tells all about who you are and what you do. I see it as the beginning of your "love letter" to those who visit your profile.

The summary lives right below your photo and contact information, so it's the first thing people see as they scroll down. 

Simply click on the image to enlarge it in your browser.
The video below will explain more about the summary and its importance. Since the summary offers no bold, color or italic fonts, you can only use upper- and lower-case letters to make your point. Upper-case headings help to organize your information, so feel free to use them (and no one will think you're shouting virtually).

I invite you to find my profile on Linked In and read my summary. (Remember, if you want to connect with me, don't send me a generic invitation! Personalize it, and I'll be sure to respond.)

Linked In is a powerful platform for those of us who want to build a professional network. And for nurses and nursing professionals, it's a great place to join groups, connect with other nurses, expand the conversation, and reach out and offer support.

Enjoy the video, and please connect with me on Linked In.

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