Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Journey to Joy Launches on June 6th!

On June 6th, a new book about joyful transformation for women will launch worldwide. I'm proud to say that my wife, the coach Mary Rives, is one of 35 fascinating and inspiring contributing authors to what will certainly prove to be an Amazon bestseller.

Published by Powerful You Publishing Company, "Journey to Joy" is a collection of 35 true stories of women who have actively and courageously transformed their lives while moving towards the manifestation of joy.

According to their press information, "these are remarkable, real stories of women who are living consciously and joyfully in many areas of their lives – in relationship, health and well-being, passion, purpose and personal awakening. These women will speak to your heart and soul and, as you read, you may see yourself in their words. You’ll be moved to live more joyfully as you move through the moments of each day and you’ll become more aware of what truly matters to you."

The book will launch on Amazon on June 6th, and you can click this link to make a purchase, watch the trailer, or learn more.  There will be many free gifts available to those who order the book on June 6th, so I would recommend that you plan to visit this site on that auspicious day and consider ordering your own copy.

"Journey to Joy" is perfect for study by a women's book club, a mother-daughter book club, or by individual women who are dedicated to their own well-being and personal growth. I can vouch for the personal integrity of the publishers and the process through which this book came to fruition, and I'm so proud that Mary was chosen to contribute her own story of transformation (which, by the way, includes life circumstances that directly impacted me and my own personal "journey to joy").

To your joy!

Nurse Keith

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