Wednesday, January 09, 2013

RN.FM Radio Celebrates One Year!

In January of 2012, RN.FM Radio opened its virtual doors and began broadcasting as the newest radio voice in nursing. This month, we're celebrating our first birthday and looking back at a stellar first year while we look forward to an even more stellar second year!

Over on the RN.FM Radio blog, I wrote a celebratory blog post earlier this week, acknowledging our first birthday and telling the story of how it all came to be. Feel free to read that post and let us know if you did!

Being a radio host and exploring ways to bring valuable content to our listeners has been an adventure undertaken simultaneously with the launch of Nurse Keith Coaching and Expanding the value of what I have to offer to my clients, readers and listeners is important to me, and RN.FM Radio is one way that I can contribute to the ongoing conversation about the nursing profession, and I love that it comes in the form of radio.

If there are subjects that you would like us to address on the show, please let us know. If there are potential guests that you feel would be a good fit, please send them our way. And if there are ways in which the show has moved or helped you on any level, that feedback is wonderful to hear. Additionally, constructive criticism is always welcome and will only make us stronger and more able to meet the needs of our audience.

Again, we broadcast live every Monday at 9pm Eastern, and you access the show by visiting our website on Blog Talk Radio. Our blog is a great adjunct to the show, and frequently features oroginal content by many of our past, present and future guests.

Regarding our social media presence, you can also like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, since we post frequently on both of those platforms with information that's helpful, fun or otherwise edifying for nurses and healthcare professionals. You can also subscribe to our podcasts on iTunes and take RN.FM Radio with you wherever you go!

Thanks for supporting us during this first exciting year, and please continue to listen, call in, follow our Facebook and Twitter feeds, and read our blog. RN.FM Radio is growing and expanding, and we're delighted to have you along for the ride!

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