Tuesday, June 05, 2012

RN.FM Radio is Truly Unleashed!

For those of you who follow Digital Doorway regularly, you've no doubt heard about RN.FM Radio, the new internet radio station that was founded by yours truly and two dynamic nurse colleagues early in 2012. The official moniker of the station, "RN.FM Radio: Nursing Unleashed", is an apt title as the show continues to draw high-quality guests and engender energetic and enlightening conversation.

Providing an entertaining and thought-provoking radio show for and about nurses and nursing is our mission, and we are deeply committed to making RN.FM Radio the place where nursing thought leaders, entrepreneurs, writers, bloggers and gifted clinicians can make their voices heard.

On June 4th, our airwaves were graced with the presence of Theresa Brown, RN, the gifted and eloquent writer who brought "Critical Care" into the world, a moving book wherein she describes her first year as an oncology floor nurse after giving up her previous career as a PhD-level professor of literature. The archived episode is available here.

Speaking of Theresa Brown, my co-host Kevin Ross recently penned a post on his blog, Innovative Nurse, in response to reading Brown's "Critical Care", and I highly recommend reading his post.

With a roster of exciting upcoming guests who have so much to share with our audience regarding their dedication to the nursing profession, we are consistently thrilled to continue to produce this most rewarding radio show. We invite you to listen in live on Mondays at 9pm EST, listen to the archived episodes on our Blog Talk Radio website, or catch our free podcasts on iTunes.

Upcoming episodes include:

June 11th: Marcy Grace and Janet Smith of Palliative Care of Santa Fe
June 18th: Lisa Summers and Janet Bezner of The Coalition for Patients' Rights
June 25th: Linda Leekly and Stacey Turnure of EmbracingCivility.com

Nursing is a profession to love and nurture, and RN.FM Radio is the soapbox upon which we're proudly and happily standing as we shout to the rooftops how important and crucial nurses and nursing truly are.


Andrew Lopez, RN said...

Have been listening since day one Keith and look forward to every new episode :) Appreciate that you have a wide variety of guests and topics of interest to nurses, entrepreneurs.

Nurse Rise said...

we just found you...wonderful!

Keith "Nurse Keith" Carlson, RN, BSN, NC-BC said...

Thanks to you both! Onward and upward for nurses and nursing!