Friday, December 09, 2011

Nurse Keith Coaching Is On The Way!

Happy holidays, readers of Digital Doorway! I hope this finds you well and happy!

The purpose of this post is to inform you that the nature of my private coaching practice is changing, and I have decided to focus completely on the coaching of nurses. As an experienced nurse and coach, I feel that my coaching skills can serve in their greatest capacity by helping nurses to live the most satisfying and healthy lives possible. I plan to offer services ranging from health and wellness, weight loss and stress management to burnout prevention, burnout recovery and work-life balance, and I am already in discussion with others in the industry to create exciting partnerships and joint ventures to add even more value and power to my offerings.

As nurses, we spend a great deal of time caring for others and precious little time caring for ourselves. Our work can be all consuming, and in that process we can easily lose touch with our own health, happiness, and sense of balance.
Coaching with me is all about you. It’s about rediscovering the things that you love about your work. It’s about reconnecting with what’s underneath your desire to be a nurse. It’s also about finding balance in your life, and making your own health, happiness, relationships and life satisfaction the focus.
Nurses are caregivers, but we can only provide the best care when we are also taking care of ourselves properly. Exercise, nutrition, weight loss, stress management, leisure and fun, spirituality, relationships---all of these aspects of our health impact our ability to be at our best when we engage in our work. And when our lives are out of balance, we suffer on multiple levels.
You can work with me to improve your work-life balance, get your health on track, set personal and professional goals, and make nursing something that you do and love, not something that does you in!
My new website---currently under construction---will be located at and also linked at There will be a frequently updated Facebook page, as well as my continued presence on Twitter (as NurseKeith). My plan is also to eventually offer free downloads, audio podcasts, and perhaps branch into webinars, internet radio and live workshops here in Santa Fe. 
At this point, I am requesting that you hold this endeavor in your heart, knowing that I am creating this coaching practice so that more nurses can be healthier, happier, and more successful and satisfied clinicians. I am so excited about the coming birth of Nurse Keith Coaching, and I will post a formal announcement as soon as the website is live! 


UnsinkableMB said...

Can't wait to see it, Nurse Keith! :)

Keith "Nurse Keith" Carlson, RN, BSN, NC-BC said...

Thank you, MB! Stay tuned!