Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Nursing License Map

A new website, Nursing License Map, offers an interactive map with the mission of clarifying the process of becoming a licensed nurse in any state of the country. The interactive site offers a detailed analysis of licensing requirements for various types of nursing, as well as average salaries, live links to the Boards of Nursing for each state, and information regarding various states' involvement in the 22-state Nursing Licensure Compact.

I highly recommend looking it over, as this is an excellent tool for new and seasoned nurses to explore the licensing process throughout the United States.


Peny@nursing scrubs said...

Excellent tool for nurses you have here. This is a great help especially for the new nurses, eh.

nursing informatics said...

Just the other day I got a query on my blog asking me if there was an easy way to find what states required for a nursing license, and all that i could come up with, go to each state's website and you'll get details there; this site however, makes the process a lot better. Thanks for the resource.