Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Caffeine + Alcohol = Danger

I am extremely pleased to hear that the FDA is standing up to the beverage industry and forcing the removal from store shelves of all energy drinks that contain the problematic and unhealthy combination of high doses of caffeine and alcohol.

A new study has already revealed that beverages containing high levels of caffeine can increase dependence on alcohol, and some data reveals that young people who regularly use energy drinks are more likely to indulge in binge drinking and high-risk behavior.

Beverage companies have recently gone out of their way to create products with catchy names like "Joose", products that are packaged in a flashy manner that belies their questionable and unhealthy contents.

While super-caffeinated drinks like "Red Bull" have been popular for years, newer drinks containing very high doses of caffeine coupled with a 12% alcohol content by volume bring a new problem to the fore. The FDA and other groups have found that young people under the influence of these volatile caffeine-alcohol mixtures are less likely to feel the effects of the alcohol that they are imbibing since it is mitigated by the excessive amounts of caffeine being ingested simultaneously. So, these individuals drink more and more, putting themselves at risk not only of alcohol poisoning but also from the cumulative effects of the stimulating herbs and amino acids contained in these beverages.

Many young people will no doubt feel that the government is overstepping, intruding on their ability to purchase products that are inherently legal yet contain dangerous mixtures of substances whose combination (and excessive use) create enormously dangerous situations.

As I write this post, the FDA has issued a warning to the manufacturers of caffeinated alcohol drinks that the products must be removed from shelves and reformulated. Meanwhile, many universities and colleges---along with some states---are banning these products of their own accord, and we can probably rest assured that energy drinks will continue to come under close scrutiny by parents, consumer groups, the FDA, and researchers.

In a country where the market and profits rule, manufacturers have taken advantage of the situation by marketing products that endanger the health and very lives of vulnerable (and frequently naive) young people. Just like the cigarette industry (which set such a nefarious example), these companies are, as usual, putting profits before safety and health, peddling unregulated products that feed the American addiction to speed, pleasure, and consumerism, not to mention the proclivity towards alcoholism and substance abuse.

The FDA took a stand this week, and I deeply hope that they will follow through on their actions further holding the beverage industry accountable for such a wanton display of poor judgment and corporate selfishness. Our young people don't need companies to hand them their own demise on a silver platter (or, rather, in a seemingly innocuous and brightly colored can), and we need the FDA and other regulatory bodies to walk their talk when it comes to protecting the public from products that create such utterly avoidable scenarios of danger, ill health, and reckless choices.


Julie said...

Great subject!
I'm not a fan of massive government control, but the FDA really needed to step in on this one. I've never understood how so many people see no harm in mixing Red Bull (which alone, throws my heart rhythm into chaos!) with alcohol...a very dangerous combo!
Scarey fact is that this is a popular combo served at bars.

nursing assistant said...

Yes i totally agree with you that caffeine and alcohol both are originating a big problem specially in youngsters..One should stop the intake of these kind of things

Anonymous said...

I do agree the FDA did do the right thing though. However there is some exceptions you got to take into account the amount of achole and caffeine mix and to top it off you got to add to the high amount of surgars found in Energy drink. See the problem is Red Bull and Hard Luique is extremely potient on its on its its tiny bottles voka probly has more achole in it per drop than red bull has cafeine. However add a drop of too of achole to Soda with Caffeine and their is another factor the delusion factor. Since soda has carbonated water it delutes the drink. Also in a way to say Soda has less caffeine than Coffee and Coffee has less cafeine than red bull.

nursing assistant said...

caffeine and alcohol do a lot of damage to brain

W. Home said...

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