Sunday, September 14, 2008

I Did It

Well, I did it. After twelve years of eschewing taking a job in a hospital, I have applied for a part-time position in a local inpatient psychiatric unit. Things have been very slow at all of my per diem jobs, and while I'm very hesitant at this juncture to commit to a solid position, finances are telling me that it may be time to at least have 16 or 20 hours of assured work each week. So, this 24-hour per week position consisting of two 12-hour shifts may fit the bill.

Although I swore off the dreaded "two years of Medical-Surgical nursing after graduation" (something I was told at the time was professional suicide), I just recently decided to apply for this position as a stop-gap measure at a time when I am need of more regular work. Granted, I have been quite determined in my anti-hospital stance, but working in a psychiatric milieu is a far cry from the rigors of Med-Surg, and since I've done such a great deal of outpatient psychiatric nursing, perhaps it's high time I take a peek "on the inside".

Anyway, I haven't even had a call back for an interview yet, so please stay tuned for the developments vis-a-vis this interesting turn of events.

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