Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Value Care, Value Nurses Scholarship

I would like to announce that I was thoroughly shocked and humbled this week after learning that I was selected as the national winner of the Value Care, Value Nurses Blogger Scholarship. I applied along with many of my nurse blogger friends and colleagues, and never suspected that this honor would be bestowed upon me at this juncture in my blogging career.

Under the auspices of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), Value Care, Value Nurses is a national campaign to raise awareness by promoting nurses and nurse-based solutions to the current healthcare crisis in the United States. I will be posting several times per month here on Digital Doorway about salient issues related to nursing, healthcare, healthcare reform, and the presidential election, and will actively seek out other bloggers writing about similar topics.

(And never fear, dear Reader! I will also continue my usual postings about spirituality, Buddhism, and my own personal journey as a nurse and a patient with chronic illness, not to mention my regular postings on Nurse LinkUp.)

So, my gratitude to the SEIU and the team at Value Care, Value Nurses. I only hope that I can fulfill the expectations that are part and parcel of this stimulating process, and I hope that you, dear Readers, will follow my progress into these challenging and exciting sociopolitical waters.

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Unknown said...

that is WONDERFUL!!!Congratulations Keith.