Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wash Away the Pain

I want to wash the cells of my body with compassion. I want to wash the cells of the muscles that scream in pain at almost every moment of every day. How can I simply cleanse those areas of the aches and pains that dog my every moment? I've imagined removing the offending muscles and scrubbing them on an old-fashioned washboard, then squeezing them out and hanging them to dry in the sun. How I wish that that were possible. But reality reminds me that my muscles are stationary in my body, non-removable and permanent, and for better or worse they are mine for the duration.

Wash them clean? Scrub the pain away? Erase the trauma that lives at the root, at the place where the cells coalesce into scar tissue?

I enter the offending cells, and I identify the mitochondria and other organelles that live in a state of eternal inflammation. The prostaglandins and other chemicals on perpetual alert are sent on a long coffee-break, and I set to work with a scrub brush, burnishing the cells, removing debris with a microscopic dust-pan, sweeping out the physiological corners that are dusty with the detritus of pain. A high-pressure hose of compassionate cleansing clears the decks, and a clean slate of pristine muscle and tissue is left in its wake.

Can I truly do this with my mind?

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Anonymous said...

the only way is to foget it..