Monday, August 20, 2007

A Plethora of Patients' Excuses

"I forgot your phone number."

"My phone is disconnected."

"I didn't come to see the doctor because I didn't feel well."

"I stopped taking my diabetes medications because I was mad that my blood sugar was high."

"I didn't take my medication because I was mad at the doctor."

"I was in New York/Puerto Rico/Florida/New Jersey for two months."

"Someone stole my phone."

"Someone stole my car."

"My __________ died."

"I had to take ____________ to ______________."

"My daughter wanted to go shopping."

"My dog ate the mail."

"My son/daughter/father/husband/wife/mother was sick."

"I had to go to court."

"The doctor doesn't care, so why should I?"

"You didn't remind me."

"You never call."

"You don't care about me anymore."

"I hate myself."


Anonymous said...

. . . the last excuse summing up all the others.

Keith "Nurse Keith" Carlson, RN, BSN, NC-BC said...

Of course, of course....

Kim said...

I saw the same thing...they went from situational to projecting to self-hate....

Eventually the truth comes out...